Monday, March 5, 2012

Christmas in February

 One of our "traditions" after Christmas is to go shopping at JoAnne's Craft store. We're always in Georgia around that time and I think Leila and I could spend all day in JoAnne's (my problem is I can't afford all the stuff I want from there!) Anyway, it's a great time to rack up on craft stuff that I can do with the kids throughout the year to break up a rainy day or just because we feel like making something!

Enter the Christmas Tree gingerbread kit! I believe I paid around $4 for this kit (it was 75% off) and when Brianna saw it, her eyes completely lit up!

 Step 1: Assemble all cookies and ice them!

 Put on the tiniest little balls of candy you've ever seen in your life. Brianna was extremely careful with them, knowing that every one that rolled away was one she wouldn't get to eat later!

Finished product!

Complete with a star on top and even presents under the tree!

Hey, you can't beat that for $4. Quality time with my girl and we had a lot of laughs during this process!! It was yummy, too!

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Ken Loyd said...

Definitely worth it, with all you got out of it.