Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pictures From Our Life

Oh Hunter, Brianna's church shoes are not a good look on you!! (Will he kill me for this when he's a teenager??)

Love our family pictures! We hardly ever get this opportunity!

The times that Brianna dresses herself in the morning are pretty obvious.

That goes for Hunter too.

"What Santa doesn't bring me Grandma will!" (Immediately texted this picture to Leila, knowing she would really appreciate the message!)

Having fun at Grandpa's!

Spending time with Claire made her obsessed with flags for a short time. Here, she built a tower on top of the slide and then begged Stephen to hold one flag while she held the other.

Fun craft we got at JoAnne's after Christmas. Making your own candy necklaces! The kit was less than $2 and makes 8 necklaces! So. much. sugar.

She loved creating her own necklace!!

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