Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sham Rock N Roll 2012

Well, it's March, so that means 5Ks are back in swing. I am LOVING the weather we have been having lately, and as an added bonus God blessed me with an immunity to pollen so I never have the allergy problems that most people have.

I ran the Sham Rock 'N' Roll race again this year. Last year I ran it and it was my first time ever running a 5K. I did several more throughout the year, but sadly I have not run since the Reindeer Run in December. Yes, that is correct, I have become that person paying for a gym membership and not using it. I hope to change that, because I still have something like 5 months left on my contract.

Anyway, so three months of zero exercise between my last race and yesterday - I am feeling it today! My legs are so sore!

My goal was basically to run it in under 33 minutes since I didn't want to kill myself, and now I can set goals for the rest of the year based on that time. I ended up running it in 32:23. Out of all females I placed 92nd out of 225, and out of my age group I placed 11th out of 29. So it wasn't too awful, not my best time by far, but now I have a goal for next month, and the month after. Also, ever since last October, I've been having to use my inhaler after my races, so I really don't want to push myself too much to improve on time, I really just want to keep running for the exercise factor.

I know I have so much to catch up on with life stuff, and I plan on getting to all of it soon. So much has been happening here! I'll get around to it, I promise.

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