Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brianna's 3rd Birthday

Brianna's 3rd birthday party is only 11 days away, so that means I have been in full-swing party mode for the last couple of days! I need to blog about her party favors I made, which are so cute, and I have some other stuff up my sleeve to make her party a big (and frugal!) success! But tonight I finished something that I am so giddy about - I know she's going to love it!

Stephen and I got her a kitchen set. I am already giddy about that because we have wanted to get her a kitchen for such a long time. Then one day, Leila (Stephen's mom) found a kitchen at a preview event for a consignment where she lives. The price was just $35 but the kitchen looked to be worth way more than that! We okayed the purchase. Later she texted me to tell me she found the same kitchen set at a local secondhand store for $90!! It makes sounds, has a grill, the works. The only stuff it was missing was play food and the "accessories".

So today I went shopping with my grandmother's money to accessorize Brianna's kitchen! After all, what good is a kitchen if you don't have any cooking utensils? I went to Adams Thrift store in Pinebluff to get all these goodies. They know me there and they will treat you right!

Strainer + muffin tin + bread pan + measuring cups and spoons + timer + spatulas/spoons/pasta spoon + big measuring cup = $3.24! (Also I got her colored pencils and I got some Hot Wheels for Hunter, so that is also included in the $3.24 total)

Then I remember I had this pretty ribbon which I have never used and it's been sitting so lonely in my craft bag. So I got on my trusty search engine and within seconds I was here for a bow tutorial. And voila! The kitchen basket for Brianna was born!

It will be presented to her at her birthday party on the 21st by my grandparents. I think she will be thrilled and I think it looks so cute! I also tied together like items (like the measuring cups) with curling ribbon. Thank you local businesses!!

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