Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dying Eggs

I think we all know what it means when it's the day before Easter... time to dye eggs!!

Last year I dyed eggs with Brianna and we did these super cool tie-dye eggs! They were very easy for her to do at her age then (23 months old) and I loved the way they turned out:

But of course I wanted to try something new this year. Turns out there are only about a million ways you can dye Easter eggs. Finally I decided to go with something simple since I knew she was going to want to "help" a lot more this year. I just did a simple kit that my grandmother gave me a few months ago. We went with the ol' Magic Crayon and Brianna drew on the eggs, then we dyed them and put stickers on them.

 We made an egg for Hunter and one for Brianna!

 We did put glitter on one egg. I only had black glitter so we made a bumblebee egg. Very simple process - put double-sided tape on your egg (you can make it a lot prettier by punching it out into circles, but who has time for that?) and then roll the egg in glitter.

Our final eggs - all stickered up and ready to be made into deviled eggs for Easter lunch tomorrow!!

Show me how you dye your eggs - I'll try something new next year too!

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