Monday, April 9, 2012

Old Friends

Today we got a nice surprise! I was checking my Facebook this morning and I got a message from one of my favorite friends Jennifer! She lives in Sanford which is about 45 minutes from us (where she lives in Sanford) so we don't get to connect an awful lot considering we both have two kids and gas is almost $4.00/gallon!! Choke, choke, gag, gag at gas prices!!

Anyway, so on to my message. She was going to be in town for lunch with her mother-in-law and wanted to see if we could meet up so she could give Brianna her birthday present! Oh heck yes, we can meet up! I think the last time we got together was right before Christmas, while Brianna was at preschool, so I was so happy to get to see her!

Brianna acted shy at first but it wasn't long before I turned around and this action was going on:

Brianna happily sat in Jennifer's arms even though she still wouldn't talk to her, she just smiled and laughed like she is so funny! We got to spend a good amount of time with Jennifer and her kids Zoe and Mark, so I'm very happy about that! Since it's getting close to summer we should be able to tweak our schedules to meet more often.

We got in the car and Bri first just wanted to read the books Jennifer had gotten her - three Berenstein Bears books!! Does she know Bri or what!?

But it wasn't long before I heard this from the backseat, "Mommy, please open my baby doll!"

I said, "Brianna, I can't open that baby doll while I'm driving the car."

(Half a second later)

"Mommy, please stop the car and open my baby doll!"

Well, how could I resist that?!

I had to stop at the dollar store today to get some goodies for the party favors I am making for Brianna's birthday party (SO cute by the way!!) and look what I found! Does anyone else remember eating these every single Easter!?!?

I haven't seen them in probably almost 20 years so OHMYGOSH I had to buy them immediately!! I won't lie, we totally opened these suckers in the parking lot right after buying them and the kids loved them! And why wouldn't they? The first two ingredients are sugar and corn syrup, and then just a bunch of food dyes!!!

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