Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

This year was Brianna's first Easter egg hunt at school. Fortunately, her Oma was in town from Georgia, so we went with Hunter to help out the teachers and a couple of other moms at school.

Her class was pretty chaotic. Even at just 2 and 3 years old they knew nothing serious was going to happen today, which was the last day of school before Spring Break!!

This is Hunter's favorite part of Bri's classroom. I always have to drag him out of the kitchen. Similar situations happen at home as well...

 Hunter found one egg and promptly threw it away. He spent the rest of the time playing on the playground. None of that sissy egg hunting for him. Of course, had he realized most of them contained candy he probably would have taken it more seriously!

 This is Martha Anne - Bri's BFF from school. She's very good with Hunter because her brother Henry is just a couple of months younger than Hunter!!

Obviously we broke into the eggs as soon as we got into the car! We got tons of Starburst, M&Ms and chocolate!

Instead of regular snack time, they had their Easter party.

Then, after school we had a Sonic mystery shop.

So basically my kids have been junk food junkies all day. Just waiting for the crash!!

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