Thursday, April 5, 2012

Picture Update

 One of Brianna's new favorite pastimes is card games. You can thank me for that, because Stephen isn't a big fan of card games! So far we play Uno, Go Fish, and Super Circles pretty frequently. I'm so glad someone will finally do game night with me. :)

 A couple of months ago, Brianna moved into her big girl bed finally! She was super excited and has done so well sleeping in it! Transition was so smooth! The best part is that for almost two weeks she's also been out of Pull-Ups at night. I love the fact that she can get up in the night and go to the bathroom and go back to bed. Now when Hunter learns how to do that maybe we can finally sleep all night again...

 She is trying to learn how to draw stick figures. This picture is from a couple of months ago - now she knows how to differentiate between the arms and the legs. Haha!

 The funny story about this picture: She had colored the blue portion on the scarf that is a bit messy. After I started coloring the scarf different colors at the other end, she looked at the part she had colored and said, "Mom... please move that one!"  Poor girl wanted me to move the colored section so I could keep on with my pattern. Sorry, babe, doesn't work that way!

 This is the outfit I call her "Little Nenah" outfit. Her Nenah (Stephen's grandmother) always looks so nice and she loves bling, so I know she would approve of this outfit!!

 Brianna was playing with blocks one day and got the great idea to flip the chair over and build a tower on top of it. I think she might be a future architect.

 Normal at our house.

 Wasn't someone supposed to be watching the baby who was within reach of the lotion???

 Bri frequently builds towers for Daddy to see when he gets home from work. And heaven forbid if they don't stay up the four hours until he gets home!!!

Did not know Brianna knew how to take pictures on my phone.

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