Sunday, April 15, 2012

Life According to Pictures

This is from several weeks ago (I can tell because PRAISE GOD Brianna has been out of pull-ups 100% for weeks now, wahoo!!!!) and she was obviously worn completely out!! This never happens!

Brianna loves to pick flowers for Daddy if it's nice outside at preschool. I wanted to take a picture for him since I knew they would be dead before he got home from work. I said, "Bri, hold them up so I can take a picture for Daddy." This is all she could muster up for me.

Remember the video from this night? Here are some pictures from that night.

Viva revolution??

When Brianna wants to wear her Snow White dress to church, we don't argue. We did pay $20 for that dress for Halloween, after all, we may as well use it as much as possible!!

We like to play outside after Kindermusik if it's nice. And if it's 78 degrees you can bet Brianna will want to wear her winter boots that light up.

Major activity around here - stickers! Hunter is really getting into them lately.

Brianna is lucky if Hunter will slow down long enough to listen to a story. She'd read to him all day if he would let her!

This afternoon in particular, Brianna was snacking on yogurt raisins when she called me in to see the "Christmas Tree" she had formed to show Daddy. I told her I would just snap a picture so that we could clean up the raisins...

Found this old phone that doesn't work, so I donated it to Brianna. She talks on it all the time and has very lively conversations on it. There are now two phones like this upstairs which Hunter and her use very frequently to chat to each other!

"Oh, Bri, you look like a princess! Can we take a picture?"

"Okay, let's try to take a serious pose."

Third time's the charm!

Oma's Easter Bunny brought bunny slippers!!

Brianna got this bubble machine for Easter and she LOVES it!

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