Thursday, April 26, 2012

Local Business: Cupcakes

I like to talk about local businesses if I am really impressed with them (some I have spoken about in the past are Tucker Jo's, The Little Toy Store, Classy Paci Boutique, Spirit in the Sky Massage, and local farmers).

I never knew about C Cups Cupcakery until a friend of ours from church started working there. One of her first weekends working, our whole family decided to stop in for a snack of cupcakes. Let me tell you - these cupcakes are so. good. They have such a great variety, it is totally worth paying a little more out of pocket for something that is professionally done, local, and delicious!! You might be able to get something cheaper at a grocery store bakery or from a box but it's not going to taste like these.

I can personally vouch for chocolate, lemon, cherry, and snickerdoodle. I downed almost an entire handful of cupcakes by myself the day that our whole family went!!

Another thing I liked about this business is that in the small seating area they have, they had a small table for kids to draw on. This entertained our 3-year old and 18-month old while we finished off our cupcakes and cleaned off our table. Very cute idea!

I definitely recommend that you check them out, and they will be at Springfest this weekend, so - perfect opportunity to stop by their booth!

C Cups Cupcakery
105 E Pennsylvania Ave
Southern Pines, NC 28387
(910) 246-2877

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