Monday, April 2, 2012

From the Attic

It's been a while since I posted something "from the attic", which means somehow I have found more of my personal belongings at my parents' house!

I found a sheet of paper that obviously was supposed to be filled with compliments from other people in the classroom (anonymously of course). It said things like "You're a good friend", "nice", etc. and then in extremely big writing - "You're a dictionary."  I'll take that as a compliment!


Not sure what assignment this was for, but here are eight "facts" I wrote down. This was in 1993, I believe. And some are still true to this day!

1. Some people always want to get things for free.

2. I am afraid to climb to the top of any tree.

3. When I was little before I was even in kindergarten, I learned to read.

4. My teacher thinks that I am good in all the subjects.

5. I am happy when I get to stay with my aunt, uncle, cousin and dog in La Grange, Atlanta.

6. 20 years from now I'll have a job as a teacher.

7. If I had $5, I would give half to poor people and half to the church.

8. I'm glad it's almost suppertime because we're having pizza tonight.


Christmas List:

1. Bengals Hup one, Hup two, Huddles!
2. Barbie workout set
3. Great Shape Barbie
4. Baby Kicky
5. Black My Buddy and Kid Sister
6. Red Beauty Case Set
7. Get in Shape, Girl!
8. 6 transistor set
9. Touch & Tell
10. The Spelling Master
11. Whiz Kid video
12. Quizatron
13. The Cookie Countery
14. "Smart"
15. Alphie
16. The Talking Computer
17. Magna Doodle
18. Disney Match 'N Glow
19. Kitchen Cuties
20. 27-piece medical kit
21. Play typewriter
22. Tommy Tutor
23. Super Vision
24. Bankers Hours
25. Magic Match
26. Vroom, Vroom
27. Mr. Mouth
28. Tapsie
29. My Best Friend
30. Stacy Two-Wheeler
31. Teddy Ruxpin
32. Patty Cake Doll
33. Sue and Her Beauty Salon
34. Charlie McCarthy
35. Parisian Barbie
36. Swan Lake Barbie
37. Bob Mackie Barbie
38. Happy Holidays Barbie

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