Friday, April 20, 2012

Local Business: Book Store

I like to talk about local businesses if I am really impressed with them (some I have spoken about in the past are The Little Toy Store, Classy Paci Boutique, Spirit in the Sky Massage, and local farmers).

One business I have frequented for quite some time is Tucker Jo's  Used Books. I remember when they first opened and now they've moved to a bigger location. This is a great place to take your used books to. They will give you store credit for a percentage of the cover price on your books. Then when you buy books from there, you can use your credit to pay for half of the book.

For example, the last time I was in there I found a book I wanted for Brianna's birthday. Who am I kidding - I found about a dozen books I ended up getting! Anyway, this particular book was tagged as $2.00. I have store credit there, so I used $1.00 of my store credit and $1.00 of my own money to pay for the book.

You will find a huge selection of books at Tucker Jo's. Not only that, but she has homeschooling kits, coloring books, flash cards, song books... the works! The owner is super nice and very friendly. You will love chatting with her while you're browsing the enormous variety of books!

I highly recommend that you check this store out!

Tucker Jo's Used Books
974B Bennett St (near Bill Smith Ford)
Southern Pines, NC 28315
(910) 246-0500

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