Saturday, April 21, 2012

Party Favors

I have to get this post up FAST so that I can blog about Brianna's birthday extravaganza!!  I made these party favors a couple of weeks ago for her party. We really didn't need party favors, but what the heck!? The only kids coming were Brianna, Hunter, and Claire and Evan. (Actually, my nephew Kaleb came too but I am not counting him for this because he's not old enough to have candy!!) So when I saw this craft in one of my craft books I just had to try it.

Go ahead and get out some tissue paper. Go point your finger in your husband's face and tell him he should be glad you bought that Hanukkah tissue paper 75% off after holidays. He had no right to make fun of you for buying that.

Cut out a 12x12 square of tissue paper. Take a toilet paper roll and lay it in the center of the tissue paper.

Roll the toilet paper roll up tightly in the tissue paper, taping it.

Twist one end up and tape it to keep it closed. It the other end, fill the toilet paper roll with candy or small treats. Twist the other end closed and tape it. Wrap some curling ribbon around it to make it look cute and cover up that ugly tape.

Finished product!

It doesn't get any easier than that. Cheap and still so cute! It was very easy for the kids to do (from kids who are 1 1/2 years old to 3 years old) to just pull off one of the taped ends, and the candy fell out. I just put in things like chocolate kisses, gummy snacks, one toy, egg candy, etc. It was something so simple to do but I had a lot of fun watching the kids break open their treats and then have fun chowing down on the candy!!


Liz English said...

Such a great idea! You are so talented. You should have your own TV show!

Amanda said...

What a nice compliment Liz! Thank you! Unfortunately I am such an amateur I can only do the really easy crafts!