Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Santa

I just found a letter to Santa that I left with his milk and cookies one year. Not sure how old I was, but it was in with some of my 4th grade papers I was going through. I won't write the whole letter here, but this is just too good to pass up:

I hope you like the cookies and milk. I hope you're not lack toast intolerant!

I seriously laughed so hard when I saw that. What's really great is I put a disclaimer after it:

(I know what it means, I don't know how many words it is or how it's spelled.)

Just in case Santa thought I was using words of which I didn't know the meaning.

If you're curious, I asked for books and model cars (Hot Wheels). And I told Santa to please bring a present for Jergens, our cat. Named after the lotion.

I told you - you can't make this stuff up!!

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Jennifer Kirby said...

I am sitting here cracking up and reading every one of these posts to Matt. I don't know if he really gets them. I DO!

P.S. Jergens!