Friday, June 10, 2011

My Future Plans

Here's another gem from my old school papers... my future plans. Let's see if any of them match up, shall we?

My future plans include having 5 or 7 kids, being a lawyer or teaching the deaf, and I'm going to get a doctorate. I'll live in a mansion and have a limo. I'll marry a rich man so I can give lots of charity.

Wonder what would happen if I had six kids instead of 5 or 7? I would self-destruct? Where did the lawyer thing come from? I would still love to work with the deaf. The doctorate is totally out the window, at that point I had no clue the amount of time that goes into getting your doctorate, haha! The mansion and limo and rich husband are no longer important to me, as long as I can fulfill that whole giving to charity thing. :)

I think this was 5th grade. No age is given in my paper, just my weight (75 lbs) and height (4 ft 8). So weird.

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