Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From the Attic

The "Me" Page (I'm not writing down everything on this list because some of them are so boring!)

Three words which describe me best: talkative, corny, funky
A chore I hate: cleaning my room (now it's cleaning the bathroom!)
Something I wish would happen at my home: It was on wheels so I could move it. (This may have been right after our neighbors moved)
A car I want: Jaguar XJ220 (my favorite Hot Wheels)
A television character I act like: Dustin Diamond ("Screech" from Saved By the Bell)
A contest I want to win: the lottery
My heartthrob: Arnold Scrwelrjlkjagkjgler (I just wrote in a bunch of letters for the last name, haha! I was addicted to Terminator)
A political office I would like to hold: President
Something I want to buy: A mall
Someone I would like to have as a relative: Mel Gibson (I wasn't making very good choices based on these people presently!!)
My dream for America: Kick Bill Clinton out of office (So political!)

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