Thursday, June 16, 2011

From the Attic

I know a lot of these posts are not interesting to some people, but I want to post them so I don't forget them!

This is a story I wrote around fourth or fifth grade. I had an obsession with rewriting fairy tales. This is called "Awakened Ugly".

Once there was a king name I.M. Adope. He had a wife named S.U.R. Adope. They ruled over a land called Faraway. After being married for several years, they had a daughter. They named her after S.U.R.'s grandmother, whose name was Ug Lyand. This princess, though, was not just any princess. She was the ugliest princess in the world. Therefore, she had only two good fairies (she had accidentally scared the others away). When Ug was christened at a very late age (her parents didn't want her to go out often), there was a huge... well, good-sized... well, a party, anyway, for her. Unfortunately her parents somehow forgot to invite her grandmother Ug had been named after. And when Granny got mad, Granny got mad!! She crashed the party and injected Ug with a liquid that would make her stay awake for fifteen years. She figured by then, Ug would be uglier and she would turn into an old maid. There was nothing I.M. or S.U.R. could do about it. Ug tried everything from sleeping pills to drinking jugs of coffee. Of course, that only made her have to use the bathroom more than usual. While she was awake she remembered about the princess down the road, Sleeping Beauty, who had been awakened by a handsome prince after one hundred years. Ug thought so much and so hard about where to find a handsome prince, or even just a prince, that ten years passed by. After that she mostly played cards and watched television. The time came when she could sleep. She was so tired she stayed asleep while life passed her by... and by... and by. When she finally woke up, she was an old maid, just like her grandmother had planned. But it turned out that she liked living single, seeing as her parents and servants left her while she was asleep. She was her own boss, doing whatever she wanted any time she wanted. So Ug Lyand Adope lived alone, but mind you, happily, for the rest of her life.

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Ken Loyd said...

I don't remember ever reading this one, but I really like it. Fun twists.