Monday, June 27, 2011

Fed By Faith

This was from my Fed By Faith newsletter I just sent out. I just had to share this story on this blog because I know so many people don't receive the newsletter (why don't you???). This is the short version of the story just copied from the newsletter. :)

If you were at church on Sunday you heard my ramblings about a recent delivery. We were fortunate enough to have two deliveries this month. One of them just really was amazing to be involved with. I mean, every delivery is amazing, and every family I see is amazing, but some just make me shake my head. This man that we helped is currently living in a church in our county because he is homeless. Yes, I know, can you believe we have homeless people in our county? (That is sarcasm, people!) His story just really touched me. He is disabled so he cannot work but he cannot apply for disability for several reasons, therefore, what is the solution for him? While many people would turn to robbery, drugs, alcohol, suicide, among many other options, he is relying on churches in our area and his faith to know where his next meal is coming from. He does have a van he can live in but so far churches have taken him in. When he feels as though he is becoming a burden on the church he leaves of his own volition to find a new place. He is more thoughtful than many of us, hah! Because he is Hispanic and converted from Catholicism to Christianity he is an outcast in the Hispanic community, and so many will not give him work or help in an other ways. And yet he stands strong in his faith. When we walked into the church to bring his food I just loved what I saw. During the week the church is basically his, and he had papers, books, and his Bible all spread out on the floor where he was studying. His Bible was full of notes and highlighted verses, and you could tell this is how he spends a lot of his time. I wonder how we would react in this situation...

A few days before I was going to gather up everything for his delivery I was talking to the girl going with me (Andra) and I said, "What in the world do I pack for him?" He had just a small fridge and no real storage space, can openers, etc. All Andra knew of that he needed was a microwave, and she thought she might just give him hers and buy a new one for herself. Well, imagine the smile on my face when I walked into church the next day to pack my car, and lo and behold, a huge microwave had been donated by someone!! One of you?? I have no idea who it was. I was super giddy and I couldn't wait to give this to him! It's amazing how God answers prayers that we don't even know we're supposed to be praying about. Does that make sense? Anyway, my point is it is obvious that God is 100% in this ministry because this like that happen all. the. time.

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