Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giving Solution

Not solution to a problem. Contact lens solution.

Yes, I know, you thought Nablopomo was over. It was. But there is a theme for every month. I think the only time Jenn and I did it not in November was one month when the theme was "lists". We're both big fans of lists so that one was fun and easy. This month's theme is "Mitzvah", or giving, though. The point is to give something to someone every day and blog about it. Hopefully I won't give anyone a piece of my mind or give anyone a hard time. But I am changing the rules. Because I am so blessed by people giving me things I want to use this opportunity to give them props if deserved.

So I want to thank Jenn for giving me the Complete contact lens solution that she got for free from a Rite Aid rebate. She probably thinks it is really insignificant and silly but it's not. I am almost out of solution and I have been putting off buying it because it's SO expensive. The last time I bought it, in fact, was when Rite Aid had it for free from a rebate about 10 months ago. I'll squeeze the bottle a little harder tonight thanks to her.

So this was a very necessary gift, one that I will definitely use and appreciate!!

And thank you God, for the rain! I love storms like this - not necessarily being out in them - but we got to church and home safely and now we get to spend the night listening to the rain beat on our roof. It's times like this that make me miss the tin roof at mom and dad's house.

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Ken Loyd said...

Even with our tin roof, the extra insulation I added when you were in high school muffles the pitter patter quite a bit. Glad ALL of us that braved the rain for church last night had no mishaps. And when our lights flickered multiple times late last night I was reminded how thankful I am for electricity--which we all take for granted as available and unlimited. Thanks for posting about thankfulness. Love,Dad