Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giving Surprises

The thing I gave today I cannot blog about because it's a surprise for the person I am giving it to.

I have just realized after one hour that one sentence is all I have written. I am totally out of it today. Today has just been "one of those days"! Mom always says she remembers having days where she just would say to herself, "Okay, it's only an hour until Ken gets home..." And that's what I felt like today. That is, until Stephen called saying he was having to work late. He didn't get home until almost 7:00 and then his dad called him to go out on a bond call with him. Stephen wanted to go but after realizing what time he would get home from it, he decided not to. He still isn't feeling very good and now I am only breathing out of one nostril. Isn't that so aggravating? Anyway, so after Stephen got home we were working tirelessly trying to finish decorating tonight. He even skipped Men's Group at church because of how late he was getting home. Of course we ended up decorating about 15 minutes and then Brianna was ready for a bath and bed! Even though she was asleep by 7:45 we didn't want to do too much down here and risk waking her up. So our dining room is still a disaster area.

Anyway, when I found out that Stephen was working late, I was this close to calling one of our youth group members and begging him to babysit. It would have been worth the $7 an hour. But I struggled through. So what if the dishes didn't get washed? So what if styrofoam from our decorations has been fluttering on the floor for two days now? So what if my coupons are strewn across the kitchen counter? When you're tired, it just doesn't matter.

And then I realized tomorrow night is my night to teach youth group. I knew that - was planning a lesson on Saturday and Sunday. But then yesterday and today seemed so crazy and hectic I just totally forgot about it. Now I feel bad because I don't think my lesson is going to be very good.

Such is life. And life is still good. Even if it is a little harried and crazy.


jennifer said...

Next time you're tempted to pay for a babysitter CALL ME FIRST! Love you.

Amanda said...

Great idea! Because you don't have enough to do!! :) I love you!

Ken Loyd said...

None of us have enough to do. We all want to babysit Brianna AND Claire. I just happen to be "indisposed" right now. Love y'all.