Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fabulous Life Of....

Is that a TV show or something? That phrase sounds familiar. Anyway... the Fabulous Life Of... ME! Praise God, I do have an awesome life. Even when it seems busy and hectic, I try to take a step back and de-stress and prioritize.

Stephen and I just had a funny conversation. I was wearing some new shoes:

Me: Do you like my new shoes?
ST: Yeah, I was gonna ask you about those. Where did you get them from? Tracey? Jenn?
Me: Yeah, Jenn.
ST: Cool, I like them.
Me: Did you not even consider that I might have bought them?
ST: Hah! No, 'cause it's you. You don't get new shoes and if you did you wouldn't pay for them.

Hehe, he makes me giggle.

I did get to take the Christmas tree and one load of items to our Fed By Faith family. I'm planning on writing about it in the newsletter so I won't write too much here. Needless to say the family is really grateful and the members I met today are super sweet. As we left Cindy asked me if I was disappointed in the family and I said, No Way!! I love them! They are a great family for FBF to help. They had one tiny corner in their house for the Christmas tree. They had smooshed together all their furniture and stuff to make room for this 6-foot Christmas tree that members of our church were kind enough to donate. Add the tree skirt, lights and decorations that several people donated and it was Christmastime in that household!

Mom and dad graciously kept Brianna while I went to this house (not a place for kids... well, my kid, Cindy said) and then Bri and I went to Jenn's house to visit her and Claire. It was a nice, no-rush visit which we don't have enough of.

I spent the whole morning shopping for our FBF family at several different stores with a $100 donation that was received (I didn't spend it all yet!) and took the opportunity to clean house while Bri took a great nap mid-afternoon. I got so much accomplished today!

After Jenn's we went to Lowe's. I got some great stuff!

Tony's pizza x3
RP $1.50. SP $1.17. Minus $0.50 coupon doubled. FP - $0.17

Bird's Eye Steamfresh vegetables x3
RP $2.00. SP $1.00. Minus $0.35 coupon doubled. FP - $0.30

Sister Schubert's yeast rolls

RP $3.44. SP $2.50. Minus $0.50 coupon doubled. FP - $1.50

Betty Crocker box potatoes
RP $1.59. SP $1.00. Minus $0.40 coupon doubled. FP - $0.20

Baker's Joy spray x4
RP $2.75. SP $1.99. Minus $0.75 coupon doubled. FP - $0.49

Progresso chicken broth

RP $2.63. SP $1.50. Minus $0.50 coupon doubled. FP - $0.50

Heluva chunk cheese
RP $2.58. SP $1.79. Minus $0.50 coupon doubled. FP - $0.79

Final shopping total - Paid $7.47. Saved $29.35. Essentially I paid $0.41 per item. Haha. The cashier said, "Wow, that's the best I've ever seen!" I thought, "Honey, if y'all would ever triple coupons you'd see a lot better than that."

I think Brianna was in the best mood of her entire life two times today: once was this morning after she was full and not quite tired enough for a nap. We play for about 45 minutes just bouncing around on the bed and stuff. It exhausted me and she took a nap shortly after we were done playing. The second time was tonight after her and I got home from going to Lowe's. She played with Stephen for probably 30-45 minutes while I got dinner ready and stuff. She was SO funny. She took a bath with Stephen tonight (they both love that) and after she got out she was just talking so much. She's gotten to where she squeals accidentally and then she tries to mimic it. It can be REALLY loud sometimes - particularly in church. But who cares!? As long as she's happy. Of course every time we try to videotape her the camera distracts her and she stops whatever she was doing.

Anyway, that's all for tonight!! Stephen had to go do a bail and Bri is passed out so I can actually get some stuff done around here!

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Ken Loyd said...

Amanda, two old TV shows are "Life of Riley" and "This is Your Life." The phrase "Life of Riley" came to mean the easy life or the sweet life. Anyway, I'm thankful for the kind of life you have.