Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giving a Sandwich

Today, Jenn and I had a date to go to Chick Fil-A together. The Chick is one of our favorite restaurants to go to together. It doesn't matter how many fits the babies throw, or if we have to stand up and rock them, because there are always a dozen other mothers in there at the same time. The employees all know us, comment on how the babies are growing up so fast, carry our trays to the table for us, and take our trash for us. We were regulars long before we were pregnant, so they've all seen us become pregnant, become whales in our pregnancies, and now they're watching our babies grow up! Hilarious. Chick Fil-A is the best. It must be in our blood because our Grandma and Grandpa Loyd have frequented their local CFA for years, and the employees treat them just as well down there in Atlanta. When Grandma Loyd passed away several months back, a huge flower arrangement arrived from the CFA staff. That definitely brought a grin to everyone's face. Our manager here is incredible. He does just as much work as any other staff member, is constantly checking in on people, and never acts like you're wrong for taking up a perfectly good table for 3 hours after you're obviously done with your meal.

But that's not really my point. I just got sidetracked. I was really excited the other day because in a stack of coupons that someone gave me - I can't remember whose stack it came from - there were CFA coupons in there. So I was glad to be getting a free sandwich!

Then I started thinking about this month's theme - giving. And I know someone who really likes CFA too, and has been a great friend recently. So it's something small but I'm going to give her my CFA coupons. Even though it may seem insignificant, I hope she takes it as a sign that I was just thinking of her and wanting to do something special for her. And I hope she uses it!!

Okay, so after an incredible lunch and chat at CFA, I had to run to Walgreens. Remember - I had all those Register Rewards that had to be put to use. Today's trip is a fantastic example of something Melody wrote on Jenn's recent blog post; she said "But when you can get a deal, you get a deal... right?!" Well, that is very true on this day!

First of all, I went in with low expectations. I had a ton of RR (register rewards) and expected only about half of them to be used. I had a ton of coupons and expected to have problems with about half of them. Lo and behold, some of my RR weren't used but all my coupons went through without a hitch. So I got some really great deals!! These run through Saturday so if anyone wants to try and copy this, go right ahead. Although that only gives you two days to prepare. Also, a lot of this will go to Fed By Faith.

Soft Botanicals hair texturizer (FBF)
SP $5.00. RR - $5.00. FP - Free

Bowl Fresh toilet bowl deodorizer (1 to FBF)
RP $0.99. After Walgreens (WG) coupon FP - $0.50

Votive candles (3 to FBF)
RP $0.49. After WG coupon FP - $0.17

Complete contact lens solution (FBF)
SP $7.99. RR - $8.00. FP - Free

Dentek floss picks
SP $1.99. RR - $2.00. FP - Free

Goody's elastic hair bands
SP $2.00. RR - $2.00. FP - Free

Mentos gum
(1 to FBF)
RP $1.69. Minus 3/$3 WG coupon. Minus $0.55 coupon. FP - $0.45.

Pantene shampoo (FBF)
RP $4.79. After WG coupon - $2.99. Minus $2.00 coupon. FP - $0.99

Natrol AcaiBerry
SP $4.00. RR - $4.00. FP - Free

Oral-B floss (1 to FBF)
SP - 2/$5. Minus $1 couponx2. Minus $3.00 RR. FP - Free

Oral-B toothbrush and Oral-B toothpaste (1 of each to FBF)
SP - 4/$10. Minus $1 couponx4. Minus $5.00 RR. FP - $0.50 each

Final shopping total: Spent $10.73. Saved $59.71. Received $29 in Register Rewards. Nice!! I like it when things work out at Walgreens, even though it's uncommon.

P.S. No, I didn't even get the Nivea deal that I was so excited about. They were out of the chapstick. A truck was supposed to come in today though so maybe I'll check back for that.


Brooke and Johnathan said...

The manager of the chick is my neighbor... jealous? ;)

Amanda said...

JEALOUS! He is like a celebrity to me. Haha!

jennifer said...

I cracked and did the Nivea deal today (times two -- six lip glosses and two lotions for $4). They were out of the individual lip glosses but let me do two 3-packs at the same price, which was nice. The manager was my cashier so I paid with cash, since my hate mail was addressed to him.

Glad Walgreens worked out so well for both of us (this time)!

Amanda said...

You did it TODAY? Okay, you're the reason they were out when I went there. It's okay, I got a raincheck, so I'll just do it next week. I love your reasoning for paying with cash. You're hilarious!!