Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Year In Status Messages

There is this new application on Facebook that shows your Facebook "status" messages for the last year. I definitely wanted to look at these because I love things like that. So here are some of my favorite status messages, beginning in January:


wonders why the office smells like nail polish remover.
does not have the diabeetus. Woot woot!
never asked to be coughed on.
is gone on the annual Girls Only road trip! This year's destination: Greenville, SC.
is excited for the pink or blue party tonight!
is eating cream cheese brownies for breakfast.
reminds Stephen that he said she's allowed unlimited potty breaks on this long drive to Georgia!
wishes mom a happy 2nd new liver anniversary! Party down tonight!
was just thrown a surprise baby shower at work! What an awesome group of people!
thinks Stephen should bake bread more often.
is still recovering from baby showers and movie marathons and lack of sleep!
doesn't trust anyone on April 1.
can't wait to have homemade ice cream at work!
chews the banana bubble gum first because it's her least favorite.
is working, going to a doctor's appointment, having dinner with the 'rents, and "updating Cindy with progress."
is going to yard sales and then... work? relax? gardening? I'm undecided.
Brianna Mae Talbert has arrived! 6 lbs 14 oz, 19 1/2 inches, and gorgeous!
has become oblivious to the outside world.
is cooking calzones and listening to Stephen read to Brianna from a hunting magazine. Life is good.
is going to take Bri on her first CFA date with Jenn today!
is teaching her daughter that eating ice cream straight from the carton is not only acceptable, it's mandatory.
loves federal holidays because it means Stephen is off!
is taking Bri on her first long road trip!
thinks cupcakes are a great idea.
needs D batteries for the swing.... STAT!
is going to SC to stock up on fireworks.
loves the Baby Bjorn because it frees up her hands so she can hold her baby and eat Ben and Jerry's at the same time.
loves working from home in her PJs.
Claire Devon Kirby has arrived! 3:46 am, 7 lbs 9 oz, 21 3/4 long. I'm an aunt, yay!
Klondike bar + Ted Dekker = gooooooood.
is grateful for two incredible services at church, lunch out with the family, delicious homemade chicken salad by mom, and a baby who sleeps.
Hat Sunday at church!
Work + Brianna = mortal enemies
loves Brianna's random belly laughs.
Brianna doesn't realize that at 5:00am you're supposed to sleep, not laugh and play. I want to be irritated but her smile is too cute.
came home from being gone for four hours for VBS to find out the clubhouse on our golf course is on fire.
5 people saved tonight at VBS!
6 more kids saved at VBS!
We had 3 more saved at VBS tonight!
can't believe I had time to sit by the pool yesterday and go shopping for no reason with Jenn today. That is a great weekend!
Stephen just passed his test for Master Sergeant! He is awesome!
dancing around the kitchen with Brianna to Jack Johnson.
Why am I always looking the other way when Brianna rolls over?
Today's choice of kitchen dance music: Beatles!
My baby is like, "Naps? Naps are of the devil! And setting me down? Is child abuse! Now please don't interrupt me blowing raspberries again."
thinks that if you roll over onto your stomach on purpose you shouldn't whine about it.
got her flu shot today. Go get yours!
can't believe Brianna is still asleep. Doesn't she know it's triple coupon day!?
I'm actually going running. I need prayers that my body won't fight it like a disease attacking my immune system.
Is there anything better than a yard sale that is 5 miles long?
had too much Cranergy tonight. Darn you, natural green tea extracts!
loves when her husband leaves her little notes to find in the morning.
Going to church to repent for all the things we did with the ladies group from church at Myrtle Beach. Hahaha!
Stephen just caught me pouring ketchups from Sonic into our ketchup bottle here. I admit it. I am a frugal addict.
Going on a day trip to Morrow Mountain with mom and dad! Thankful that Brianna's Opa (grandfather) is home safe from Baghdad!
I'm so sincerely glad for my friend who got saved at church this morning! So excited!!
While Stephen was on the phone with an employee being stern about some paperwork, he got the hiccups. Probably couldn't take him as seriously after that.
Welcome to Moe's!
might have to swim to church tonight. Will get floaties for Brianna if that happens.
This afternoon I was eating brownies on the way out the door to church with Brianna in one hand. I accidentally smudged brownie and caramel on the butt of her clothes. So just in case you saw it and thought it was something else, it wasn't.
It's a good day for hot chocolate, a fireplace, and a lunch date with mom!
How many kings stepped down from their thrones? How many lords have abandoned their homes? How many greats have become the least for me? How many Gods have poured out their hearts to romance a world that has torn all apart? How many fathers gave up their sons for me? Only One did that for me. - Downhere, "How Many Kings?"

This brought back so many memories for me. I have loved you, 2009.


Ken Loyd said...

Amanda, I just got through reading your Tuesday AND Wednesday blog posts. They were both wonderful. Wed. was a great chunk of history, and Tuesday's was inspirational and uplifting. Tuesday wins my vote for blog post of the year. Love, Dad

Amanda said...

You're too kind!!

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