Thursday, December 10, 2009

Giving Kudos

It's after 11:00pm and I have just finished writing a Christmas card to Outback Steakhouse.

Tonight mom and I went to the Christmas banquet for Sandhills Teen Challenge - great organization; I will write more later - and the food was great! Russell's Seafood, a local seafood restaurant, donated a portion - was it the chicken? I can't remember now. And Outback supplied the baked potatoes. This is no small feat for either of these places considering there are 300 people attending this event... three nights in a row. So 900 potatoes and 1800 chicken tenders later, there are some full people! I realized on the way home that these businesses should be applauded. I immediately got on Facebook when I got home (I am a "Fan" of Russell's on Facebook) and posted kudos to them for their support of Teen Challenge. I'm not a "Fan" of Outback, plus I don't want these kudos to go to the corporate office. I want to thank our local branch for supporting such a worthy cause.

So I sent them a Christmas card thanking them for supporting Teen Challenge and telling them their baked potatoes were delicious (they were). I also said I would tell people about this. So here I am.

My question is, do you think they'll actually open it and read it?


Daria said...

Are you kidding me? If they are smart, they will open it, read it, put it up somewhere, and possibly send a copy of it to their corporate office (or their franchisee, if that's the case) to show how active they are in the community.

I say this because when I used to work in the restaurant industry, and for one particular store, that is exactly what they would do. Now, they may only put it where employees can see it, but hey, if they are anything like we were, the pride carries throughout the store. =) I think it was a very nice thing for you to do, and in an era where people complain so much, kudos should be warmly welcomed!

mae said...

Hey Amanda! I think that's a great idea. I went back into the grocery store to tell the manager that one of his cashiers deserved a raise because I had just witnessed the cashir chase a lady down in the rain to give her the magazine she paid for but forgot at the checkout. I am certainly a fan of letting folks know when they are doing a great job! And I want to thank YOU also for the sweet Christmas card and diapers coupons you send me! I got them yesterday. You must be smart like your sister and use washable diapers! I really wish I had done that now. If I knew for sure we were going to have more kids I would start now! Thanks again! Love,Mae

Amanda said...

Thanks Daria! I do hope mainly that it encourages them to stay active in the community.

Maegan - you're welcome! Yes, we do use cloth diapers although I've had to buy my share of disposables too. I'm happy to give the coupons to someone who can use them!