Thursday, December 10, 2009

Giving... No, Receiving!

People have given me so much recently for me personally and also for Fed By Faith. It is hard to keep up with who I have thanked publicly!!

I didn't take a picture - I should have - of all the stuff I got yesterday. I went to mom's house for lunch and she told me she had some stuff for me from her and Jenn. I really should have taken a picture. It was bags and bags of grocery items! From laundry detergent to toilet paper to rice to I don't know what else!! I took them straight to church last night. As the youth group helped us unload the items, people's eyes just got wide. Our preacher came to our car to talk to us about youth group stuff and when he saw the trunk full he just started laughing. He said we're like a grocery store on wheels. Every time I come to church I have a trunk full of items! I can't believe how much mom and Jenn donated and I THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Okay, it's now been 7 hours since I wrote the above paragraphs. I have an awful habit of getting distracted from writing on this blog. I had so many other things to write about tonight - seeing Tracey and getting lots of goodies from her, meeting Jenn at The Chick for lunch and getting goodies from her, my Walgreens trip, and the Teen Challenge dinner that mom and I went to tonight. I also need to do my annual ornaments blog. I hope to blog about all of those things tomorrow!!

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