Saturday, December 5, 2009

Giving a Book

Today I gave away a book on Bookmooch. This is a website I found a long time ago and I love it. I know there are other similar sites, like PaperBackSwap and SwapTree but I started on Bookmooch and don't want to move from there.

Basically, you add books on there, and then from there you are allowed to "mooch" books from other people. You receive all the books you want for free. The trick is you pay for postage when sending books out. You receive points for sending out books and adding books to your inventory. You lose books by requesting books and removing books from your inventory. Since 2007 I have mooched 111 books, given 129, I have 78 books still on my wishlist, I've had 129 positive feedback scores, made 2 friends and given 1 charitable gift.

The one I shipped out today was Cars, Curfews, Parties and Parents by Susie Shellenberger. Name ring a bell, anyone? She used to write for a little magazine called Brio. Oh yeah, that's right. All you old subscribers of Brio, raise those hands. What a great magazine!!

I have loved this because I've received so many great books over the years... and gotten rid of so many crappy ones!! Yes, Jenn, people actually request the Christian romance novels! She has always teased mom and I for liking those. I've requested most of Ted Dekker's books through here, many of the sci-fi series that Stephen likes, Max Lucado books, Beth Moore book studies, John Ortberg books, almost all of a cooking murder series that mom and I love, and I even requested about 15 copies of Power of a Praying Wife and distributed them among ladies in the church. It has been so cool, and I LOVE seeing a big package in the mail!!

So if you're interested and you have piles of books like I do, maybe you should check it out too!!


jennifer said...


I am willing to bet that you and I are the ONLY people reading this blog who ever had a subscription.

Daria said...

Thank you for posting about BookMooch! I love to read, but I hate spending all the money that I don't have in the big book stores! lol! I could go WAY overboard in there! Anyway, I had never heard of such a site and I'm looking forward to checking it out.

I also have a question about your 101 in 1001. Where did that come from? I love the idea, and I have seen it on a couple of other blogs, but I have not yet done the research to find the source of the idea.

I have enjoyed the few posts I was able to read this morning, but I have to get back to work. However, I am going to try to visit your blog more often in the future! =)