Friday, December 4, 2009

Giving Discounts

I didn't accomplishing my "giving" goal today and I won't tonight so I might as well admit defeat. One thing I love to do and planned on doing today was give a coupon to a stranger. I know mom does this too, and I'm sure some of you out there do it as well. If I am behind someone in line who has an item and I have a coupon, I get really fidgety until I finally go up to them and beg them to take the coupon.

The other day at Walgreens, Red Baron pizzas were on sale and two men were there at the same time as I was, and they put two in their shopping cart. I stared and stared, trying to read what type they had gotten, matching it up with the correct coupon. I mean, the worst would be to give someone a coupon and then have it cause problems at the register! Finally I said, "At the risk of seeming crazy, could you guys use this coupon?" They were happy to take it and thanked me twice before leaving the store. Fun!!

I had to go back to Walgreens today so my goal was to give someone a coupon to use. I was there for at least 45 minutes (it takes me forever) and I never saw anyone buying one single item I had a coupon for. When I checked out, the one person in front of me bought cigarettes (no coupons here) and the person behind me was buying some random item that I also didn't have a coupon for. My intentions were good. I promise that the next time I can give a coupon away, I will! Okay, so here was my trip for today. Very good, in my opinion.

Tuf paper towels (1 to FBF)
RP $0.79. After WG coupon FP - $0.49

Pert Plus shampoo (FBF)
SP $1.99. Minus $1.00 coupon. FP - $0.99

Walgreens toilet paper roll (1 to FBF)
RP $0.89. After WG coupon FP - $0.50

Skintimate shaving cream (FBF)
RP $1.89. Minus $1.50 coupon. FP - $0.39

Olay lotion (1 to FBF)
RP $5.99 each. Minus a $3.00 coupon. Minus a BOGO Free coupon. FP - $0.99 each

Dentek floss picks (FBF)
SP $1.99. Minus a $1.00 coupon. RR - $2.00. FP - Free

Votive candles (3 to FBF)
RP $0.49. After WG coupon FP - $0.17

Natrol Acai Berry
SP $4.00. Minus $3.00 coupon. RR - $4.00. FP - Free

Revlon lip gloss
RP $7.99. SP $2.19. Minus $2.00 coupon. FP - $0.19

Sure deodorant
RP $2.79. Minus $1.00 coupon. Minus full rebate. FP - Free (after rebate)

Final shopping total: Spent $3.79. Saved $46.68. Received $6 in Register Rewards. Once again, I am HAPPY with my trip to Walgreens! It's a miracle!

My items probably seem pretty random. Brianna was so relaxed in the Bjorn that I just took my time walking around the store. When I was done with the things I wanted to get, I just started going through my coupons to see if I could spot some other deals. Sure enough, I did! The Skintimate lotion I got was a small travel size so it was really cheap and the coupon still went through, which is how I got it for 39 cents. I randomly found the Olay coupons in my binder and after pricing them figured 99 cents per bottle was a great price. They're pretty big bottles too - I think 26 oz? I'd have to check for sure. I got the Dentek floss picks yesterday and there was a $1 coupon in there so I just went back to use that coupon. I got the six candles to make sure I had more items than coupons. The Acai Berry supplements... oh let me tell you. I showed them to Stephen last night - I was just going to sell them on eBay - and I thought he was going to have a heart attack! He was super excited to try them. I guess they're the new "thing" for health nuts. Supposedly they help you sleep soundly and have more energy during the day. They also "cleanse your toxins". I said to Stephen, "Is that just a polite way of saying they are laxatives??" But I don't think they are. They're safe while breastfeeding and even recommended to new moms for the energy boost. The one I got yesterday was a package deal, buy one get one free, and then I got another bottle today so now we have three bottles just in case we like it. The Revlon lip gloss was on last chance clearance which is why it was so cheap. And then I saw my Sure coupon and figured I'd get it and get the rebate at the same time. So I'm happy because a lot of my about-to-expire coupons got used and I got GREAT deals!!

P.S. When I got home and checked my mail, I got several coupons for Babies R Us which I will never use. So I am giving those coupons to a friend who I think will put them to good use.


Aalina Eden said...

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Ken Loyd said...

If anyone thinks you're a "Store Stalker", just tell them you're a "Stocking Stuffer" as you cram the coupons in their hands.
And I don't think we Aalina Eden, do we? : )