Sunday, December 27, 2009


We're on vacation this week so it's going to be hard to keep blogging but I've got to make it through December! I can't post pictures because I'm on the laptop though.

We had a great trip down to Georgia yesterday. Brianna slept some and played a lot, ate great and went to bed right on time. She took a great nap this morning and has really only been fussy when she's hungry or tired, which is normal, but we weren't sure how she'd be in a "new" environment.

Lauren found this great play table at a consignment store for Bri and she loves it. There is so much going on on the table, music and lights and all that, so it's perfect for her. One of her Christmas presents was a pair of these cute booties with rattles on them! As much as she plays with her feet she will really enjoy those. She has another present but hasn't opened it yet. What could it be.......???

I got some great clearance deals at Target, HomeGoods and World Market today but I'm hoping to go back at the end of the week when stuff is 75% off instead of just 50%. I passed up several things so if they're still there in a few days I'll get some more great deals! Deals that will please my new Secret Sister.


Tracey Garner said...

I wish I was your secret sister. Have a great time.

jennifer said...

I'm glad you're blogging from Georgia! Hope Claire's as good for the trip as Bri was. See you Tuesday! Love you!