Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 35

But first...

Brianna's Bible verse from last week:

And here is a clip from her reading a story on Starfall. She sat and read about 7 stories and when she completed those she went on to read some plays. You can see her click on the three words she didn't know ("tomorrow", "flapped" and "weed", I think) which is very helpful. (1 minute, 15 seconds)

And totally cute Sunday church pictures just because my kids are too cute:

Monday - Day 35

Prayer time, pledges and Bible - still focusing on 10 Commandments. This day we talked about obedience to parents - I love this commandment... now that I'm a parent!

Living Long Ago - We discussed the travel options of medieval Europe. Brianna couldn't believe that people used to think Earth was flat!

Poetry: "Cock Robin", "Who Am I", "Cockroach", "B", "Termite", and "Click Beetle".

We started a new chapter book on Monday called "The Light at Tern Rock" by Julia Sauer.


Hunter loves to do Do-A-Dot pages!

Language Arts - Letter of the week is H, so we looked up "H" words in the dictionary.

Brianna's illustration of the chapter we read yesterday in our book, "The Hundred Dresses" about a girl who imagines 100 dresses in her closet.

I am having major problems with Blogger, which is why my posts have been short and sweet lately - or not getting posted on time! I'm trying out a couple of different browsers to see what works best in an attempt to be able to post every night like I was. My pictures are taking three times the amount to upload that they should, although I did have better luck tonight when I finally transferred everything to Google Chrome. Maybe that's my solution. I appreciate everyone who keeps up with us through the blog!

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