Monday, October 20, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 42 and Day 43

Day 42 - Thursday

Prayers, pledges and Bible - Starting to talk about who Joshua was. Brianna and Hunter know all about Jericho, but this is nice to tie in his relationship with Moses and why he was chosen as leader. Bri loved this story and has recounted it several times since Thursday.

Living Long Ago: talking about European fashions and housing. Now Bri is really interested because this reminds her of stories like Cinderella!

Poetry: "Where, Oh Where", "A Man of Thessaly", "Bandy Legs", "Hot Cross Buns", "Procyonidae", "Panda", "Bear", "Ocelot", "Tiger", and "Gazelle"


Language Arts:

Magic School Bus - solar system! We dropped objects into flour to make craters on the moon. Then the kids jumped as far as they could and Sarah measured out how far they would have jumped if they were on Moon, with the different gravity. They also put on huge gloves and a helmet and tried to pick up small objects, like astronauts have to do!

The only picture I took at family dinner night Thursday night:

Friday - Day 43

Started off the morning with a doctor's appointment! Both kids got their flu shots and Hunter also got 4 other shots. Brianna let me get a picture of her bandaid right before she pulled it off all by herself, but Hunter wouldn't let me taking a picture, stating that it would hurt his shots too much!

We had a bunch of errands to run, and then after lunch the kids stayed at my parents' while I went to PT. After that we went to the library so we could get there before it closed. Hunter quickly picked out his books and then felt the need to relax. Guess why? "For my shots, Mom."

Back at home we did late afternoon school.

Prayers, pledges and Bible time - Talking about why God chose Joshua to lead after Moses died.

Missionary story: "By the Side of the Trail". We located Africa on our huge map book that Grandpa gave to us! Brianna loved this story so much she told it to her whole Sunday school class on Sunday. I was really proud of her.

Poetry: "Old King Cole", "The Grand Old Duke of York", and I forgot to take pictures of the last three poems in our Llama Who Had No Pajama book. We finished it and we were so sad! What a great book. I may have to purchase that in the future.


Language Arts:

Our favorite library books this week:

The one Brianna could read by herself:

Our other library books that were good but not our favorites:

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