Thursday, October 9, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 37 and Day 38

Day 37 - Wednesday

Bible time - Ten Commandments - #7 - Do not commit adultery. I stuck to just teaching her that our bodies are considered the temple of God, so we need to treat them with respect. Of course I also told her that being married to Daddy means I will never have a boyfriend and he will never have a girlfriend! 

Poetry: "Tom, Tom", "Old Woman", "The Owl", "Lucy Locket", "Permutations" and "Counting-Out Rhyme"


Language Arts:

Her silly story written with these spelling words: "One day a bat went on a trip. He packed a bug, a swing, a rug and a lock. When he got there, he saw a cat and a bed. When he got back home, he was glad to see his sock."

Hunter did this one:

Her instructions were to put a box around all the "H's", circle all the vowels (before she wrote the word "bat"), write one word that rhymes with one of the "h" words, and underline the word that has a capitalized letter and explain why it's capitalized.

 And of course, if you're friends with me on Facebook, you know that Brianna lost her first tooth on Wednesday! She found out it was loose Monday night at church and it was out at lunch time on Wednesday! Came out with a french fry! I'm so thankful it wasn't traumatic for her first one. It is so adorable to see her little space in her mouth!

The tooth fairy did come last night! Brianna got four quarters and the tooth fairy even left a trail of blue sparkles in her room! Stephen thinks the tooth fairy went overboard by doing that but I'm pretty sure the tooth fairy just knows how much Bri loves sparkly things :-)

Yesterday was Kindermusik so Hunter and I spent our time reading and playing alphabet games on my Kindle. Oh, and taking selfies!

Day 38 - Thursday

Bible time - 10 Commandments - Today we talked about #8: Do not steal.

Bri saying her Bible verse - Exodus 20:12

Living Long Ago: Talking about the Chinese and the ways they used to travel

Poetry: "Three Little Kittens", "The King of Umpalazzo", "Pythons", and "Alligator/Crocodile"


Language Arts:

Talking about measurements:

 Her instructions were to make words out of the two beginning letters I gave her:

 Hunter doing a workout:

We got a bunch of outdoor time tonight because the weather was gorgeous! When we got too sweaty we came inside and had a dance party! Our favorite Youtube channel is called The Learning Station. They have all kinds of songs on there with dance moves. We love it - and it burns up a lot of our excess energy!

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