Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 40 and Day 41

Day 40 - Tuesday

What a crazy, hectic week this week has been so far - even by Tuesday! So hectic that I did Wednesday's Bible lesson on Tuesday and didn't realize it until I had to do Tuesday's Bible lesson on Wednesday! Alas, these things happen, and we roll with it!

Bible lesson - Aaron makes an idol (after 10 Commandments)


 Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa is always fun:

After some fun time at my parents' house, Brianna had earned all her stickers on her reward chart. She wanted homemade ice cream from a local place called Blue Horse Market, so that's what she got!

Hunter and I played some rowdy games of Tic-Tac-Toe:

 We got home and the boys left for CSB (Christian Service Brigade). Our friend Anna (former youth group member and babysitter for our kids) came over and hung out with me and Bri for a while. She was even brave enough to let Brianna paint her nails! Bri did mine too and they actually aren't too bad!

 After Anna left we finished the part of school we didn't do in the morning. We curled up on the couch and did our reading:

Missionary story: Hudson Taylor (one of my all-time favorite stories!)

Poetry: "To Babylon", "Doctor Fell", "An Old Woman", "Eggs", "Flamingo", "Penguin", "Auk Talk", "Anthropoids"

 New chapter book: "The Family Under the Bridge"

Wednesday - Day 41

Reading to anyone within earshot (I think we read for one straight hour at PCA this morning! Books were all over the place!)

Bible lesson (*ahem* Tuesday's lesson) - 10th commandment: Do not covet

Missionary story: Nest-in-the-Clouds

Poetry: "Sing a Song of Sixpence", "Sloth", "Giraffes", "Hippopotamus", "Anteater", "Camel", "I'd Like to Be" and "Tapir"


 Language Arts:

 The silly story she made up which had to contain some of these vocabulary words: 

"Once upon a time there was a frog who could jump really high and he had a friend to come with him. It was a clown! He was a funny clown. Funny enough to be at the circus where he could be as silly as he wanted to be!"

And... then we ran out of space on the paper so she said "The End!"

 My writing - top line

Her writing - bottom two

Instructions: Circle the letter that is found in each word that is not a vowel. Underline the word that can help you find directions. Tell what vowel is in each word. Tell me what the other letters are that are not vowels. Write the words backwards and see what words you create.

This is the sword that Hunter made at CSB on Tuesday night. Yes, he used a saw with extreme supervision (I hope! I wasn't there!) and they learned to whittle! Awesome job, Hunter!

 Still Hunter's, but Brianna wanted a picture with it:

And, being read to on the way to church. (I was not driving). Now I know how my parents felt my entire childhood...   :-)

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