Monday, October 13, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 39

Day 39 - Friday

 Prayer, pledges and Bible time - On to commandment #9 - do not lie! (What a tough one!)

 Missionary story - I loved this one, set in China. It talked about how you are never poor as long as you have something to give others. That may be money, things, or it may be a gift of story-telling, time, or listening to someone. A great lesson.

Our new chapter book, "Five True Dog Stories". We read about Dox, the police detective! It was awesome! Brianna and Hunter were enthralled in the story.

Poetry: "Polly Flinders", "My Father Died", "The North Wind", "The Beggars", "Fish", "Way Down Deep", "Whale", and "A Thought"


 Language Arts:

An update on Brianna's reading - she has been picking it up at a great pace. She's got 36 of the Orton-Gillingham books which my mother-in-law introduced to us (and let us borrow the whole series!) and she's starting book 19 tomorrow. She's learned so many new words and sounds. It just amazes me. We're at the stage where I'm picking books out at the library for her to read. Then she wants to read them to everyone in the house! I love it!

We took the afternoon to go to the museum, since Fridays are fairly slow for us, which is unusual lately.

 Some of our favorite library books from the week:

 And others we got that weren't necessarily our favorites:

On Saturday we got to go on a Nature Trail hike with my all-time favorite educator - my dad!! If you follow me on Facebook you've seen all the pictures. If you only follow here on the blog, I promise to post some of my favorite ones in the next couple of days. But for now, I'm saying good night to my computer!

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