Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 47

Day 47 - Thursday

Prayers, pledges and Bible time - "Crossing the Jordan River"

Poetry: "Three Young Rats", "Terrence McDiddler", "Leaf for a Day"


This was a game where Bri cut out 10 frogs and used them as manipulatives to figure out the addition problems. 

Then a game called "Roll it!" "Make it!" "Expand it!"

She rolled a set of dice and came up with two numbers, which made one number (first number would be in the tens place and second number would be in the ones place). She used counters to create sets of ten and sets of one that matched up with her number. She then had to create the math sum that gave her the answer she began with. She loved this and rolled right through it!

Language Arts:

This is all of Hunter's work!

He had to color each object the color which was told to him in the workbook. He did this totally on his own. He doesn't like to color but he marked each thing with the correct color - even leaving the astronaut completely white like he was supposed to. I was so impressed!

He had to match up the birds, insects, and animals to the correct books. He waved me away when I tried to tell him how to do it.

He "colored" those with fur red, those with feathers green, and those with neither he colored blue.

 He circled the animals that run with the color blue, the animals that swim with red, and the animals that fly with green.

 He had to circle the object in the row that was missing something.

He circled all the things that were "in" something.

 Just doing a little graphing to end our school day!

 We took a walk to gather more leaves for our leaf collection and found, sadly, a dead baby snake. His belly was so pretty the kids wanted me to snap a picture.

Video of Brianna saying her Bible verse (Hebrews 13:8)

 Brianna making up a song about math:

The kids playing their new musical instruments - "jingles", as I used to call them when I was a little kid!

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