Monday, February 2, 2009

I Want #2

I want to marry the Beast so that I can make use of that library.

Today, Jenn, Granny and I accompanied mom to a regular doctor's visit in Chapel Hill, with visions of scones and books dancing in our heads. After her doctor's appointment, we went to a great place for lunch, The Loop. It was delicious! Then we ransacked Trader Joe's. No 2 buck chuck for me this time, but I did find a couple of small things to buy.

Of course, the best part (besides the conversation) was stopping at thrift stores on the way home. As many people know, I have a serious addiction to books. I ended up buying over 15 books, even though right now I have boxes and closets overflowing with books.

If I'm going to have an addiction, you have to admit this one's pretty harmless and inexpensive.

P.S. I actually thought about attaching some pictures of my bookshelves/dresser drawers/closets/boxes of books but it's better if you imagine it... it's less embarrassing for me.

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