Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Want #11

I want to tell you a little bit about our girls trip to Greenville! I mean, we've only been back for practically a week now... better late than never. Jenn did write a bit about it, but I've got some pictures I want to put up.

This chick was the "mascot" for Liberty Tax Services. We were stopped at a light and she was rockin' out with her iPod, so I had to snap a quick picture!! She somehow saw me do it, and started pointing and laughing at our car. When we drove by she laughed and shook her finger at me. So funny!!

On Saturday we spent a few hours downtown walking along the river. This was a cute restaurant. The rest of the pictures are of the park we walked through.

I told mom and Jenn - if we weren't pregnant, I totally would have rolled down this hill with these kids!!

Many of the trees had windchimes in the trees. There was a nice breeze on Saturday and I loved hearing the windchimes as we walked along!!

There was a block that had quotes in stone in the sidewalk. I took several pictures but these were two of my favorites. "Most people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying that they made them."

"Since we had nothing to do with our Arrival and usually are not consulted about our Departure, what makes so many of us think we're entitled to so much while we're here."

One of the places we went downtown was a tea bar. Mom was the only one who got any tea, but they had something called bubble tea which I would have tried if I had known exactly what was in it. Friday night we went to a place downtown called Coffee Underground. It was this great underground coffee bar. We each got a coffee and dessert - Jenn and I both got ice cream and mom got cheesecake. It was DELISH! The atmosphere of the place was so cute too. We had such a great time. Can't wait for next year's trip already!!!


jennifer said...

Your pictures are better than anything I could find on Yahoo Images! What a fun trip.

Two Scoops of Shoup said...

I love Greenville its just so cute! My friend lived in Spartanburg for about a year before she moved to VA. I have friends who love bubble tea...the only thing I know about it that they use the balls from tapioca pudding in it to make the "bubbles". I also love the side walk art!