Monday, February 23, 2009

Want #23

I honestly don't have a single thing to post about. Well, that's not entirely true, but everything I could post about has pictures or video to go with it, and I'm just too tired to upload anything tonight.

We went to Walmart tonight because I wanted to get new lenses put in my glasses frames (I keep hearing that you're not supposed to wear contacts during labor?) and we wanted to get motion lights for the house too. While we were there we picked up a couple of grocery items, and as much as I hate the whole idea behind Walmart, I can definitely see why people shop there. The items we got were so much cheaper than other grocery stores. It would definitely be worthwhile to go there, especially if you bought in bulk or something (rather than drive all the way to Fayetteville for Costco). We didn't get over there until 6:30 or so and it really wasn't busy, which is most people's complaint about it.

Anyway, that's why this post is so boring. Nothing very exciting happened while we were there. But who knows what's in store for tomorrow!!

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