Friday, February 13, 2009

Want #13

I want to post tonight but I don't think I'll have time. So I'm going to post 25 random facts about myself that's been spreading like wildfire on Facebook. So #1 probably won't make sense to you.

1. I've never written a note - at least not in the new Facebook, and I have no clue if I'm doing this correctly.
2. When I was in the fifth or sixth grade (my memory ain't so hot) I tried out for cheerleading. I had problems with the dance we were supposed to memorize because I kept mixing up my left and my right. Needless to say, I didn't make the team.
3. When I was in college I entered an air guitar contest at our local karaoke bar. I actually made it to the finals but lost to someone who was totally insane - I couldn't compete.
4. I'm pretty confident that I could eat Chick Fil-A every single day. And I'm pretty confident that Jenn would eat it with me every day.
5. My first job when I moved to Charleston, SC after college was working in insurance. I kept being called out by my boss for not wearing shoes around the office. It was a temporary position, and a year later he called me offering me a job at the law firm he worked at, so I guess the shoe thing didn't matter that much.
6. I am completely obsessed with getting mail and email. I wish I could check our snail mail as often as I can check my email. I even love junk mail!
7. I HATE to talk on the phone (just cell phones), but I also hate it when people text me. I'd rather them email me or write a letter.
8. My Wii Fit age varies between 21 and 39. Normally it's 26 though, which is my age, so that makes me feel better.
9. When I was six years old, I thought I was 10. Seriously. I have no clue what made me think this, other than the fact that I was in a K/1 combination in school and thought the first graders were all 12.
10. Even though we don't have kids yet, I have been the Tooth Fairy before. Emma lost a tooth at our house last year and of course expected money. Did I have cash? Noooo. I had to use the money given to me by Renee to exchange for her tooth.
11. The only radio station I listen to anymore is Air 1. If it doesn’t come in clearly, I pop in a CD or just sing to myself. I can’t stand regular radio anymore.
12. In college, my roommate Keely and I would run a mile or two, and then come back past the market on campus and get a pint of Ben and Jerry’s each, and reward ourselves for running by eating the whole pint.
13. Every week, unless one of us is sick or out of town, mom (and dad, now that he’s retired) and I eat lunch together. We switch off cooking for each other, and the recipe must be soup. We’ve been doing it since after mom’s liver transplant in 2007 and I’ve never made the same recipe twice yet.
14. I REALLY miss Boone. After four years of incredible friends, hikes, feet of snow, driving on the Parkway going nowhere, going on waterfall adventures, jumping off dams, doing cartwheels just because, frequenting the local pool hall until “last call”, swiping free hot chocolate from local hotels, looking at the stars from hoods of cars, riding bikes for 10-15 miles in no direction, photography hunts, jamming at Mike’s house, game nights, and so much more I can’t even describe here, I feel so so so lucky that I was able to experience true Boone life. I REALLY miss Boone.
15. If there was a way for me to bike to work, I would do it every day. Although, being pregnant, that might not be the best idea right now.
16. The real reason I complain about working my other job on Saturdays is because it hinders me from going to yard sales.
17. In January 2008, while listing reasons I like my sister more than pretty much any other person, one of my reasons was, “We can’t wait to have babies together.” Now, a year later, we are in the process of having babies together. This is one of the things in my life that makes me completely and utterly ecstatic.
18. I am completely… seriously… completely addicted to triple coupons, rebates, and reading. If any of those things ever left my life I honestly think I would go through withdrawals.
19. I have sent only one secret to Postsecret. It’s truly a secret that no one knows, but if someone found out, they’d probably think it was hilarious. I really want it to get on the website or in one of the books but so far, no luck.
20. Any type of racism, sexism, ageism, or other prejudice drives me crazy. I just can’t believe that we are living in the year 2009 and people still don’t treat each other as equals. I still have hope for the future but I have a very low tolerance for people who treat others as lesser humans. I want to smack people who use the “n” word, I don’t think all people of Hispanic descent are mooching off of Americans, I don't think all Asians look alike, and I don’t think white people are any less violent, stupid, or selfish than any other race or ethnicity.
21. I want to just get in a car and drive. I want to find towns that aren’t on maps, eat at restaurants no one else has heard of, and hike on trails that haven’t been discovered.
22. Every day I pray that I’ll be a better person than the day before.
23. One day, my best friend Sally and I were hanging out when we realized we had new neighbors. So, like any normal girls would do, we filled water balloons and put them in our bras to go welcome them to the neighborhood. I wonder what they thought. I wonder what we really looked like.
24. I don’t like mayonnaise – it makes me queasy – but I love Miracle Whip. ???
25. My baby is due in about 10 weeks and I think about her all the time. I can’t wait to have her. Stephen is going to be the best father, and I just am so excited about starting this new adventure with him. The next few weeks can’t go fast enough for me!!

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Two Scoops of Shoup said...

I love your 25 random facts!! I like number 20. It is so true and sad. We have a friend and I think she forgets that I'm Mexican (at least that is what I'm hoping) who makes such rude comments. I also had a guy at our shop who told my hubby that he wished he could have married a Mexican so he could cheat on his wife whenever he wanted and so that he had a maid!! I told on him to SMSgt Bennett cause that was so inappropriate!

I don't like mayonnaise either.

Oh my friend and I alway dreamed of doing 21!!