Friday, February 27, 2009

Want #27

I can't believe it's almost the end of February! And so far I have actually blogged every day. It's a miracle! As long as I remember to do it tomorrow.... weekends are the hardest for me.

I figured I'll blog today about the specifics of my doctor's visit yesterday because I know a lot of people were anticipating the big 3-D ultrasound (I know I was!) and mostly everyone has been pretty disappointed with the results! The short story is, we didn't get a picture of her face. I'm really not that disappointed because, I mean really, it's only like 7 weeks until we see her anyway!

The technician pointed out so much stuff to us, like they did the last time, which is so cool. We saw her spine, the chambers of her heart (heartbeat was 130), the hair on her head (the tech said she has a lot of hair!), her kidneys, the urine in her bladder (that might be too much information, but to me it was a great sign that her kidneys are working!), we watched the tech measure her arm and leg bones and... I think that was it. The reason we didn't see her face is because her arm was draped over it for the duration of the ultrasound! No matter how much jiggling the technician did (and she did a lot) she was comfy and she wasn't moving that arm for anyone!! She has already flipped into position, so she's upside down, so now I know those are definitely feet in my ribs. I figured they were either feet or elbows because they're sharp! She weighs 4.5 pounds now! The doctor said everything looks great - placenta, fluid, baby, mommy, etc.

We cleaned out a storage unit this morning and when I saw all the children's books I got really excited! But I ended up only taking a handful, including some English Lit books and some math and English workbooks. I hope our kids are as dorky as I, because I loved doing things like that growing up!!

That's all for now!


Two Scoops of Shoup said...

Do you guys have the miracle blanket yet? I heard those things are suppose to be awesome for getting the baby to sleep through the night at a younger age.
Just thought I'd be sure before I decide on what to get Miss Brianna!! Sorry you couldn't see her face!!

Ken Loyd said...

I've enjoyed your 27 days of uninterrupted blogging. Especially the posts about Brianna. You're so in tune with her. And even when she costs you sleep, it's because wants to play and is already bonding with you.