Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Want #4

I want more snow days. Although, technically today wasn't a snow day, it definitely could have been. At least a "delay" day. Around 2:30 this morning I got up to use the bathroom, and of course I checked outside to see if it was snowing. At that time, we already had about an inch or more. I actually thought it was later than that and assured Stephen we would probably both get a two hour delay. After that, I just couldn't go back to sleep. I'm not sure why - I wasn't particularly excited about the snow or anything since I can't do anything fun with it. Sometime around 3:50 I gave up and went into the living room to play some Need for Speed and read, hoping it would make me sleepy. No such luck. I ended up reading until Stephen left for work around 5:30, and then I left the couch to go back to the bedroom and try my luck once more. I did fall back asleep around 6, only to get up feeling surprisingly refreshed around 6:45. And no luck with a delay or anything.

These are my two pictures from the snow a couple of weeks ago:

These are my few pictures from this morning:

This is what a real snow looks like. This is one example from Boone a few years ago:

I miss those snows.

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