Sunday, February 22, 2009

Want #22

I want to take a nap, although I shouldn't need one.

Last night as we got into bed, I asked Stephen if I should set my alarm. Nahhhh. It's been forever since we slept past 8, much less 9 when we normally get up on Sundays. This morning, as I sleepily rubbed my eyes and asked what time it was, I knew it was bad when he just checked his phone and said, "Oops." It was 9:20 and we should have been leaving the house at 9:30 to get to Sunday school on time! Oh well. We actually still would have only been about 5 minutes late except we had an appliance incident. We replaced our water filter in the fridge yesterday and someone... okay, neither of us... read the instructions. So as we were walking out the door I started filling up my water bottle. But as I pulled the bottle away, the water just kept flowing!! I was sticking anything I could underneath the little faucet but we still had a big puddle to clean up. Turns out you're supposed to pump the air out for two minutes before using it, or things like that might happen. Word to the wise. So we waltzed into Sunday school twenty minutes late, which still isn't too bad considering.

We've eaten lunch and I've finished my paper that was due tonight, so I really don't have an excuse not to nap! Looks like I'll be making use of my massage chair again today...

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