Thursday, February 5, 2009

Want #5

I want to sleep in. Every day I wish I could sleep just a little bit longer. But there are certain things that are just worth waking up early. For example, work. Leaving for vacation. Yard sales. And one of my favorites... triple coupons!

Mom called yesterday to announce that triple coupons is going on this weekend. Unfortunately (I don't mean that the way it's going to sound), this is the weekend mom, Jenn and I are going on our annual girls trip! In order to make the most of the triple coupons, I woke up bright and early to be at Harris Teeter by 7:30 to start the process (it didn't start until 7, but I mean, seriously, I'm not totally insane.) I ended up only getting in one trip where I usually can pull 3 or 4. But it tooks me and hour and a half just to do that one trip, and since they are going to be at my house in approximately 45 minutes, I needed to get back here and finish packing!

I actually brought a notebook with me this time, to take note of some of the deals I got. I spent $32.50 and saved $38.42, which isn't my best probably, but still really good. These are some of the deals I remembered to write down (which you probably don't care about, but fake it):

Box of Kleenex - Regular price $2.39, Sale price $1.75, My price $0.55
Viva paper towels - Regular price $2.59, My price $0.34
Vanity fair napkins and paper plates - Regular price $2.50 each, My price $1
Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner - Regular price $3.59, My price $1.34
Clorox cleaner - Regular price $3.89, My price $1.64
Formula 409 kitchen cleaner - Regular price $3.49, My price $1.24
Lysol bathroom cleaner - Regular price $3.39, My price $1.89
Crangrape - Regular price $3.39, My price $1.74
Suave body wash - Regular price $1.97, My price $0.47
Dial hand soap - Regular price $1.99, My price $0.94
Sensodyne - Regular price $4.79, My price $2.72
ACT - Regular price $4.99, My price $2.29
Gillette shaving gel - Regular price $3.29, My price $1.64
Kotex tampons - Regular price $3.59, My price $1.34
Lucky Charms - Regular price $3.69, My price $2.04
Betty Crocker blueberry muffin mix - Regular price $2.79, My price $1.59

There were a couple of others I forgot to write down, but since probably no one is still reading this, it doesn't matter. Now I've got to run and put all this stuff away before mom and Jenn get here! We are off to Greenville, SC for a few days!! ROAD TRIP!!


Two Scoops of Shoup said...

Just thought I would share this site with you

Its sterling silver jewelry for 7 bucks....they only show four things at time but a ton of different things during the day and sometimes they have some really pretty stuff.

Ken Loyd said...

Oh yes, someone IS reading your blog. But I'll admit, I'm a couple of days behind. Forgive me O Coupon Queen of Pinebluff.