Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Okay look. I admit that I have a problem. I am addicted to triple coupons. So thank you Harris Teeter for being my enabler.

Yesterday I had to run in to work to do one thing. Mom and Granny thankfully kept Brianna while I accomplished this one thing. As I got back to Granny's to pick her up, it was raining. But the thought occurred to me... it was the last day of triple coupons. I had just a handful of coupons left that I could use. And yes it was raining. But on the other hand, Brianna has a hooded jacket...

Okay, I am so guilty! Can you tell?? Yes, I ran in and got some last minute items they had in stock! They were actually out of a couple of things I was going to get. But not everything:

2 Tic Tac Chillers - free
2 Betty Crocker pouch potatoes - free
1 Progresso broth - free
1 Suave lotion - $0.24
6 Campbell's soups - $0.10 each

I spent $1.03 on groceries which should have cost $20.30. Most of this will go to Fed by Faith - both potatoes, probably the broth, and at least 3 soups, maybe 4. Probably even a Tic Tac! So it was definitely worth it to run in there one last time.

P.S. Was it really awful of me to call Stephen as I drove away from Harris Teeter, asking him to make a diaper run so I wouldn't have to get Brianna out? Heh, heh, heh.


jennifer said...

That's hilarious. I actually did the same thing, but it was just drizzling when we went. It's hard not to use those coupons!

How do you have so many duplicate coupons? I had quite a few duplicates this time, but I think they were all from you. Do identical ones come out in the paper if you get the paper long enough (I'm still in my first month, I think).

Amanda said...

Yes, certain people will just always have coupons in the paper. Or they'll do several in a row. For example, I had four Tic Tac coupons, but I think they were from like 2 months worth of papers, but they all expired the same day. So I just kept saving them. You'll start to have a huge stash too!