Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life Update

Every so often I look through my camera and realize I have a month's worth of pictures I haven't uploaded. This is their story.

These pictures are from when Joy came to visit us a couple of weeks ago! Brianna became enthralled with Joy particularly at the end of the visit, when Joy began eating her feet. She would kiss on Bri's feet and after a second Bri would push her feet back in Joy's face. I told Joy to watch out - she could do that all night! It was really cute.

Nothing like sitting by a warm fire after your bath!

Brianna graduated from rice cereal to peas!

And then graduated to a high chair!

I was a princess for Halloween:

Stephen was a dad (how original) and Brianna just wore this cute outfit that mom got her from a yard sale:

Now we've moved on to... prunes!! Yes!

Brianna has done SO GOOD with eating solids. From day one she acted like she knew exactly what she was supposed to do. We are wondering what is going to be the food she dislikes. Maybe she'll be like her mommy and eat everything in sight! Anyway, she's always so cute when she eats. She makes lots of noises, sometimes spits, and is always eager for the next bite. This video is from yesterday when I was feeding her with one hand and recording with the other. That's why the video is a bit shaky and so is the feeding! Haha!

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