Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Even though I have nothing to write about, I feel like I should blog because Brianna's taking a rare nap. I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with a good friend, Lora, which was pretty nice because I rarely talk on the phone to people. For some reason I prefer writing letters and emails. Is that weird? I guess I'm just a tad unsociable. (Is that a word?)

Did I put a picture up the other day of the grape jelly I made? I'm not sure, so I'll do it now.

A couple of weeks ago my great-aunt Elsie had an overabundance of grapes, so I took them off her hands and made jelly. I gave samples to mom and Lora. If anyone else wants a sample, let me know - I'm giving them out in small amounts just in case people don't like the flavor! They are muscadine, just to give you a heads up.

After I put this on Facebook, I got all sorts of comments to the tune of "I could never do this!" So now my goal is to find time to make another helping of this jelly and post it on my recipe blog. I just need to FIND THE TIME!! You know how that is. I don't even make it the "correct" way but it always turns out good and stays for a long time. I don't use canner thingamajigs or boiling water or any of that. So it's wrong, but oh so good.

My "presentation" at ladies group went well last night. I got lots of questions and comments, and it sounds like people are excited about it! I think the first month will be slow but then people will start to remember it the longer we do it. Also, thank you to everyone for your really sweet comments on my blog yesterday. I feel loved and blessed!

While I was on the phone with Lora I clipped coupons. So now I have clipped out all my coupons, I just need to put them in my organizer! Baby steps. I do a little at a time, otherwise I'd be overwhelmed.

As soon as Brianna wakes up I have to go out to work. I'm planning on leaving her at Granny's so I can get some stuff done but I don't know.... the way her nap is going she may not wake up until tonight!! Hopefully she'll wake up soon and we can hit the road.

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