Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Mom and dad graciously watched Brianna today while I went to church and attempted to organize the new storage area for Fed By Faith. This room used to be our Preacher's office - it's the smallest room in the entire building - and now it's really just a catch-all. There are extra chairs, two vacuums, Halloween candy, Christmas play scenery, high chairs, microscopes... pretty much anything you can think of has been stuffed into this room. My job today was to move it OUT!!
What I started with:

What that looked like after about 45 minutes:

And then just a few minutes later:

Everything is just kind of piled and categorized for now. We have shelves to be hung and bookshelves to be put in there but we have to dig them out of our storage shed out back. So after that I will take more pictures! All of the stuff in the room right now is only from mom and myself. I can't wait to put in everyone else's stuff!

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Tracey Garner said...

I think it looks great. If I had gotten up here earlier, I could have helped you. I got some free stuff today to add to my bags for you.