Sunday, November 8, 2009

Praising God for Salvation and Triple Coupons

What?? Don't tell me it's silly to praise God for triple coupons. That's one reason I'm able to spend so much time with my unique, beautiful baby! So don't tell me not to praise him for that!

On a more serious note, I am so excited! A coworker of Stephen's has been coming to our church recently and we have grown close in a short amount of time. He has been driving 50 minutes from his house to our church Sunday morning, night and Wednesday night. Now that's commitment!! This morning at church when our preacher did an altar call and asked if anyone felt that they needed to be saved, there was no hesitation as he stepped over me and practically ran toward Preacher Tony. He has been asking a lot of questions recently and I am so excited for the decision that he made this morning! He has a beautiful little boy, Emory, who is almost two and cracks me up. I hope they continue coming to church because I just like spending time with them. Unfortunately Stephen worked this morning and was not able to be at church. Fortunately, I was able to sit through the whole service and so I was able to hear the sermon that changed his life! It was like our preacher directed everything towards him. He said he had one sermon planned at 10:30am and at 11:10 began preaching something that he suddenly felt led to preach. That is awesome! God is still working!!

Meanwhile, I assured my friend Cindy who had nursery duty this morning that it did not bother me if Brianna cried the whole time. She has really got to have some more time apart from me eventually so that she doesn't scream with everyone except the few select people she has grown attached to. When I walked into nursery after church was over, Cindy's mom had Bri draped over her knees and she was doing just fine! Turns out that about 3 minutes after I left, Brianna had a massive poop!! The reason this is significant is she's only had about four human poops. So they are a huge endeavor for her! Luckily these lovely ladies knew to rub her stomach and try to soothe her, which is pretty much all you can do. Afterward she was exhausted but happy! She probably lost about 6 pounds in all. Anyway I'm really grateful they stuck it out with her - most nursery workers call me back to get her after about 10 minutes which is why I just try to sit with her in the service now. It's just easier.

Moving on.... to triple coupons! Today wasn't as great as other days but I did get a few more splurge items! This will be my last trip I believe, so I might as well splurge, right??

Hormel Meal Compleats
FP - $0.44.

Domino brown sugar (1-lb bag)
FP - $0.15.

Sunburst laundry detergent (78 oz) (splurge!)
RP $3.49. SP $3.19. Minus $0.50 coupon tripled. FP - $1.69

Suave body wash (3) (splurge!)
RP $2.29. Minus $0.75 coupon tripled. FP - $2.33 for two. Minus BOGO coupon. FP - $2.33 for three; $0.78 each.

Comet cleanser
FP - $0.14

King's Hawaiian Rolls

RP $2.49. Minus $0.75 coupon tripled. FP - $0.24.

Pillsbury pizza crust
RP - $2.79. Minus $0.35 coupon tripled. FP - $1.74

Marie Callendar's Pasta Al Dente
RP $4.39. SP - $2.97. Minus $0.75 coupon tripled. FP - $0.72. Plus there is a mail-in rebate on this so it will be free!

Tony's pizza
RP - $1.49. SP $1.17. Minus $0.50 coupon tripled. FP - Free

Tic Tac Chillers

FP - Free

Martha White muffin mix (2)
FP - Free

Jolly Time popcorn
FP - Free

Idahoan Pouch Potatoes
FP - Free

Progresso chicken broth
FP - Free

Uncle Ben's wild rice
RP $2.25. Minus $0.75 coupon tripled. FP - Free

Mentos gum
RP - $1.49. Minus $0.55 coupon tripled. FP - Free

Starkist tuna
FP - Free

Steamfresh frozen vegetables (5)
RP - $2.69 I think. SP - I had a raincheck for these to get each one for $1.00. Minus $0.50 coupon tripled. FP - All five for free! *Note - I should have only gotten three for free but a manager did an override on the system so I got all five at raincheck price minus the coupon! They are definitely not supposed to do that but I'm so glad she did!!

As I did the math on this I am pretty sure they did not enter my BOGO coupon for the Suave. I definitely spent more than I thought I was going to and if my math is right (which it's probably not) they did charge me for the one that was supposed to be free. All in all I spent $10.83 for groceries which should have cost me $48.91. This is about a 78% savings which isn't horrible but isn't as good as I could have done. The good thing is I don't really feed bad about spending that money because those body washes are going to a good cause.

And that is what I'll be blogging about tomorrow......

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Tracey Garner said...

How wonderful to witness a friend come to know the Lord through His free gift of salvation. I know you are walking on the clouds.