Friday, November 13, 2009

Showers of Blessings

Yesterday was a day that I didn't expect to amount to much, and then I had some great surprises! It was supposed to be really rainy and windy so I planned on staying inside, but I changed my mind mid-morning when it was neither. I decided to run back to Lowe's to get a couple of good deals, so I called mom to see if her and Granny would watch Brianna while I ran to the store. Granny rarely gets to see Bri and I wanted to seize the opportunity.

I was so excited and thankful when Granny gave me money to use for Fed By Faith!! I am saving it for the next Super Double or Triple coupons so I can really get a bunch of stuff. I told Stephen tonight it will be so cool to be able to shop and it'll be like a mini shopping spree, because I will be trying to save money but at the same time I'm trying to spend it all! I can't wait!

I have a confession to make. After leaving mom's I wanted to run by the recycling center. Not for a drop-off, but a pick-up. I'm not sure if I blogged about this the other day. I went to drop stuff off at the recycling center and sitting right on top of everything was a newspaper with all the coupons still in it! Well, of course I grabbed all the coupons! So then I thought today would be a good day to go check it out since most people have read their Sunday papers by now. I went to a different center which separates the newspapers from everything else - much cleaner. Hang with me, cheapskates, cause this is a great story. First of all, another car pulled up behind me so I had to pretend like I was just rummaging through the magazines. Because that's less embarrassing. I ended up finding the most recent Woman's Day and Redbook (both have coupons in them) and several copies of Taste of Home! Taste of Home is one of mine and mom's favorite magazines! I also found copies of hunting magazines for Stephen. After the lady finally left, I jumped up on the newspaper bin, which luckily was pretty full. Jackpot!! I quickly rummaged through the ones on top and just grabbed piles and piles of coupons. Now I have plenty of duplicates! What a great afternoon.

Later on in the day mom called to say she was dropping off some asparagus she got for us really cheap. I was making chicken and pasta for dinner, but Stephen and I definitely agreed asparagus would be a delightful side dish. We love it! Brianna had a new food today, which was pears. She enjoyed them immensely, as she has everything else. Now she has had peas, prunes, carrots, green beans, and pears. It seems like she's had more than that but I guess not.

When I came home from my great find at the recycling center I checked the mail and I had received a huge package from Tracey!! Not only did she put more coupons in there, but also another cookbook she found for me! It was such a kindhearted and generous thing, I actually started crying!! I don't cry a lot but when someone is really generous it just makes me feel so blessed. And I was already happy from how the rest of the day was going... it was just one more thing to make me feel good!!

Isn't it funny how things that could seem so insignificant to others can make you feel so incredible? I mean, it was a really incredible day.


Brooke and Johnathan said...

Confession... I get super excited whenever I find a coupon for a product I always buy. Insignificant to most, but it's my treasure! haha!

jennifer said...

We had your chicken and pasta for dinner last night too! But mine's never as good as when you make it. And we didn't have the special Stephen bread.