Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

Oops - I almost forgot to post today! What a crazy busy day.
  • Brianna woke up refreshed at 6:00 this morning (in her defense she had been asleep for her normal 10 or so hours, so not really her fault) and would not go back to sleep even though MOMMY was TIRED. (Don't worry, Stephen ended up getting up after I fed her and stayed up with her while I went back to bed!)
  • Spoke at church about Fed By Faith - told about Brooke's offer of boxes and the awesome blessing from First Baptist yesterday. Also told how my devotions included a special scripture - Psalm 68:10 "Thy congregation hath dwelt therein; thou, O God, hast prepared of thy goodness for the poor." - just two days after Fed By Faith was put into motion. I just felt like God was really urging me - this is right, this is going to be good and blessed, so DO IT!
  • Ended up in the nursery because there were 13 kids and just one adult and two not very helpful teens in there. Spent the next hour+ rocking Brianna and Robert's son Emory, singing every song I could come up with because it was the only way Emory stopped crying. And once he started, Brianna would start. I ended up singing the alphabet song because I couldn't think of any other songs on the spot! Also, Preacher Tony ended up preaching until 12:30 so my voice was about GONE!
  • Couldn't get Brianna to take a nap to save my life when we got home. Tried wearing her out by feeding her and playing with her while Stephen mopped all the hardwood. Finally about an hour before we had to leave for cantata practice she passed out. So did I.
  • Had cantata practice from 5:00 till church started at 7:00. Went through it twice and by the second time I was barely squeaking out my solo. Brianna was pretty good during the first run. I stopped to feed her pears around 6:00 but she was so distracted she didn't eat at all. She made up for her stubbornness by being TOTALLY cute!! She does the cutest thing where she crinkles her nose, bites her lower lip and gnaws on it. I just go to puddles when she does that. So adorable.
  • Ended up in nursery during the night service as well to feed her. As soon as I was done I got out of there. Needed to hear some preaching today!! I sat in the back with another guy and his baby, so neither of us cared that our babies were loudly cooing, sighing, spitting, and tooting. I think we were both adept at blocking those noises out.
  • Fielded tons of questions about Fed By Faith - so glad word is getting out!
  • Ran by mom and dad's to get a huge thing of mom's meatloaf (the only meatloaf I will eat) which I ate for dinner as soon as we got home. Mmmmm mmmmm!
  • Stephen checked his voicemail and got a phone call from LeAnne asking me to please call her about coupons. I did, and we chatted the whole way home from church. That's one thing I can talk about forever and it's hard for me because I feel like I talk so fast I make no sense!
  • Brianna got a fast bath when we got home, mainly her rear end and top end.
  • She nursed and then when I put her in the crib she cried just about 20 seconds before plopping her head down and passing out. Pretty normal.
  • Then I remembered I didn't blog today. So that's what I'm doing now!
And NOW, I'm headed off to bed! Got a LOT to do tomorrow, mainly I am trying to put out the first Fed By Faith newsletter tomorrow. If anyone is interested in being added onto it just leave a comment with your email address or email me privately at If you know I already have your email address just give me your name and I'll add you. It's mainly going to be a twice-weekly email telling the best sales and rebates of the week. It's main purpose is for our church congregation - for the cheapest items they can pick up on a regular grocery trip to donate to Fed By Faith. But if you are slashing your food budget you may be interested too.

Good night!

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Please add me to the list, of course!