Monday, November 16, 2009


Our nursery has been driving me crazy lately. It kind of all started when I saw Claire's nursery, which I'm not sure Jenn has ever posted pictures of. It may be a facade, but everything has a place, and there's just not a lot of stuff in there. Then, the other day when we were at Carrie and Jacob's, I was letting Brianna crawl around Riley's playroom. And it's just so simple! So organized! And again, not a lot of stuff. So then it was like every time I walked into Brianna's nursery, all I could see were piles of stuff. The box full of books just sitting beside the glider. The changing table which we have never used because it's all the way upstairs. The television and VCR which were just in there for storage, because neither of us wants a television in our kids' rooms. The pile of 20+ stuffed animals which Bri isn't even interested in. It was just too much for me to take!!

Unfortunately, I don't have any "before" pictures. I started in on this project so quickly I didn't think about it until after it was too far into it. But I think I do have some old pictures of the nursery. These are before the piles were there but still may give you some idea of the changes.

For example, this is where the changing table was. It had become a storage facility for two Boppys (one is being donated to Fed By Faith, the other is going to the attic), and tons of diaper-changing necessities, all which need to be moved downstairs to where diaper-changing actually takes place.

Now the nightstand that was beside the glider is by the crib, making more room by the glider. (See picture below this one for all the extra room by the glider!)

This toy-filled papasan chair was cut from the program pretty quickly to make room for the glider. Unfortunately, we had nowhere to store all those stuffed animals, so they were all just sitting on the floor next to the glider. As you can see from the above picture, they are no longer camping out on the floor. They have made their home elsewhere until Brianna is older and can appreciate them.

And the dresser which used to house a television now holds just a few of the books we read to Brianna daily. Don't worry, there are many more on bookshelves throughout the house. One thing this household does not lack is books.

And remember all those clothes I told you I found? Again, just a sample, no not all, of the 3-6 month clothes that Brianna may never get to model. We put one of the dresses on her yesterday - so cute - except the bottoms that went with it dropped right off of her. So... she needs some suspenders!

This was probably quite a boring post but I felt so accomplished after organizing the nursery on Saturday that I knew I wanted to blog about it. It's just so much more open now and makes me feel much more relaxed being up there. We used to not really go up there except to put Brianna to bed, but now I am rocking her more before bed and reading to her more upstairs than downstairs, so I want to be comfortable up there. Obviously, she doesn't care either way!

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